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Acerbis Fuel Tank 5.8 Gallon Red


When you picture yourself riding off into the sunset youare thinking about the ride, not running out of gas. Take a big step towards making that a reality with Acerbisa increased capacity fuel tanks. Acerbis fuel tanks are constructed of reticulated polyethylene with capacities significantly larger than stock for the extra range you need to explore the unknown. Because Acerbis tanks fit with your stock plastics and donat change the look or performance of your bike youall find new, uncharted trails on the same familiar bike youare comfortable on. When you find a remote trail thatas calling your name youall be ready for an adventure with the longer range of Acerbis fuel tanks. Specs: Reticulated Polyethylene Plastic gas cap with carbon texture Includes hardware, petcock, and hoses Larger capacity than stock Does not alter riding position Fits with factory plastics Natural plastic color

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