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Chilipad- King Bed Dual Zone, 76" x 80


The mattress pad regulates temperature from a cool "Low" setting to a cozy warm "High" setting, or anywhere in between with degree specific control settings from 55F to 110F (13-43C) . The technology is safe and quick to provide the individualized sleep environment each partner prefers without the risk of exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) .In fact, CUBE temperature control units use only 80W of energy on average. Compare that to the far higher cost of running the air conditioner or raising the thermostat overnight, and savings are considerable-especially with today's escalating energy costs. The Department of Energy has stated a 6F change in your thermostat from 10pm to 6am can save the whole house HVAC energy use by 11.2%. Even a 3F during the same hours can reduce the energy use by 7.9%. Climate-control your bed instead of your room, and save! You sleep a third of your life, invest in your rest! Cools or warms your bed just the way you like itAdjusts in 1-degree increments from 55 F to 110 F (13-43 C) Controlled by wireless remote or base unitEnergy-efficient for lower monthly billsAnimated Google TV Ad for the ChilipadwistiaEmbed = Wistia. embed ("545fw9v60f") ;ChiliPad for Couples www. ChiliTechnology. comwistiaEmbed = Wistia. embed ("dmbfdnkidh") ;

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