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Koriko Hawthorne Cocktail Strainer


This cocktail strainer is extra-large, so it's easy to hold in place in shakers, tins or glasses, with zero spillage of that oh-so-carefully mixed drink. The super-tight stainless steel coil makes one strain just as effective as a typical double strain (that's right a" the pros strain cocktails twice!) . Plus, the coil is removable, so you can use it to help whisk up egg white-based drinks. Bonus: The whole thing is dishwasher safe. You kind of can't do better than this. Don Lee, known for his libation creations at hotspots like PDT and Momofuku, spent two years developing this indie spin. Who better to re-imagine the Hawthorne strainer than a highly acclaimed NYC bartender? did you know? The Hawthorne strainer is one of two major strainers in the mixology world (the other being the julep strainer) , and people tend to favor one or the other based on how they've outfitted their home bar, but both have their places. The coiled spring on the original Hawthorne design is usually a better fit atop a cocktail tin. A typical julep strainer sits further inside a mixing glass, so it usually makes for a neater pour. The Koriko Hawthorne, however, was designed for any spirited situation.

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