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Miss Jessie's Stretch Silkening Creme


A Splendid Emulsion For Curls, Kinks, &Amp; Waves Reduces Frizz &Amp; Curl Shrinkage Increases Curl Style Length Refresh Morning Curls Excellent For This And More: Natural Curls Kinks &Amp; Waves Pony Puffs Twa's Twist &Amp; Braid Outs Transitioners Coiling Silkeners&Trade; Finally The First Curl Cr'Me Created For Naturally Curly, Kinky And Wavy Hair. No More Frizz. No More Curl Shrinkage. No More Dull Curls. This Fresh Scented Curl Cr'Me Maximizes Curl Length And Makes Your Curly Styles Last Longer. Stretch Silkening Creme&Trade; Gives You Super-Duper Soft Curls With Hi-Gloss Shine And A Healthy Luster. Miss Jessie's Stretch Silkening Creme&Trade; Is A Fresh Scented Super Strength Moisturizing And Conditioning Curl Cr'Me. It Has All Of The Usual Suspects Of Weighted Aloe Polymers, Avocado Oil, Almond And Fruit Oil. But Add To It Our Exclusive Humectant Formula And What You've Got Is A Super-Duper Soft Curl. Simply Mahhhhvelous! Yep. Another All In One Performance Potion Us Curlies Can't Live Without. No Animal Testing Please Recycle For Questions Please Call 1-888-Jessie-6 Made In The Usa

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